Tobi Steamer Portable Handy Cloth Steam Iron Brush

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Product Description

Tobi Steamer Portable Handy Cloth Steam Iron Brush

Tobi Steamer Portable Handy Cloth Steam Iron Brush – White & Blue Price in Pakistan
Tobi Steamer Portable Handy Cloth Steam Iron Brush – White & Blue Features and Specifications

Tobi Steamer Portable Handy Cloth Steam Iron Brush – White & Blue Available All Over Pakistan.

This product is a, and environmentally friendly household cleaning ironing activities, the continuous spray of high temperature and high pressure water vapor can easy to use the ironing, sterilizing and cleaning, suitable for families, hotels and travel.
Connected to the power supply, two minutes can produce sustained, high temperature and high pressure steam, very suitable for Home Furnishing cleaning and ironing clothes.
Ironing: strong high-temperature steam can be easily ironing clothes, curtains, bed sheets, pillow case, especially to vertical ironing clothes (such as in suits, etc.), it is more suitable for the ironing, this product is equipped with ironing brush, in ironing, can for disinfection of clothing and in addition to smell.
High temperature sterilization: strong water vapor, it can quickly kill a variety of harmful bacteria, ensure clean Home Furnishing.
Cleaning: high temperature strong water vapor, easily dissolving and stripping Home Furnishing supplies surface and the gap of the grease, dirt, mildew. This product is configured brush, window brush head and ejected high-temperature water vapor at the same time, scrub the surface of the object, clean simple and fast, the effect is remarkable.

Product features:
1. This section has a variety of functions, iron and dry cleaning to hair, Home Furnishing is necessary, business travel more convenient to carry. When used without the ironing board, where hot hanging where easy to get tedious chores.
2. suitable for any clothing fabrics, do not require tempering, through the high temperature and pressure steam through clothing, wrinkles naturally open, the clothes without any damage, always maintain a new unabated.
3. constant temperature intelligent design, whether you are a novice ironing and veteran, absolutely will not you ironing clothes paste hot bright, allows you to experience the ironing life fun.
4. multi use of one machine, formulated to remove the dust and to brush head can will you usually sticky stick on clothing is not easy to get the hair, dirt (especially on dark clothing and cashmere, wool? Mass clothing dust)
5. And through the steam to absorb volatile, dry cleaning and disinfection effect.

Method of use

Connected to the power supply, the red power indicator lights, the heater starts to be heated, the red indicator light goes out, you can use. In the process of using, every 2 seconds with rhythm, pressing and releasing the button in front of the nozzle can be steam, produced a large number of continuous high temperature and high pressure steam. Note: press the more quickly, the amount of steam being increased, but the temperature of iron brush is relatively low, may cause the lack of steam ironing brush.
Especially in ironing clothes, more suitable steam out of the slow pressure, ensure high temperature water vapor, thus more easily ironed clothes.
This product in the work process, the body will be fever, this is a normal phenomenon. (this product is equipped with a thermostat, safe and reliable.)

1 hold down the drain switch with a water storage container.
2.Take the water storage container will be above the water storage cover open, filled with water on the back cover.
3 water storage containers back.FouWhile ironing, hang up the clothes, on the one hand to hold the iron brush mobile, fold the clothes can be very easy ironing. At the same time, the brush can be to stick on clothes of wool fabric and dust to absorb.
5.Suitable for all kinds of material ironing clothes, wool fibers and materials not only contain Ping acid using this product.
6.Installed on the hot line tie clip designed to suit collar.

Features : 

    Classification:Steam Brush
    Temperature Gear:Fourth gear thermostat
    Voltage (V):6V
    Power (W):801-1000W
































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