Medicare Portable Automizer Mini Steamer & Inhaler.

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Medicare Portable Automizer Mini Steamer & Inhaler with 3 Year Warranty.

This is an electrical appliance that operates on 220 to 240 volts AC and consumed approximately 300 watts of electric power. The vaporizer has been designed for easy handing and is quite safe. The automatic features ensure that the vaporizer stops working when the water inside has eveporated. One fill lasts for about 15 minutes. The rate of steam can be regulated by means of the switch, starting with maximum and tapering off at the end.

Instruction How To Use:
Make sure you only use clean and normal drinking water, Do not use either salt (e.g well / boring water) or distilled water, If saltwater is used, it may cause extremely fast evaporation and will damage the heating platets of the appliance. If distilled water is used , may not work at all. The appliance when held in hand should be held by the lower portion because the upper portion will be hot.
Make sure that the vaporizer is unplugged before pouring water, Remove the balm container and then pour only half cup of water into the vaporizer. Fill the balm container with balm and place it in the cenrtal cavity, make sure that you place the cap firmly on top. Plug in the vaporizer and switch on, initially set the switch on, waiting till steam is seen. Now wait till you see steam appear from the hole in the pipe and adjust the switch on. Distance from face as per tolerance to heat.


To clean the vaporizer, simply unplug and fill with clean water. Then shake vigorously to dislodge any deposites. Empty the vaporizer and repeat the process once more. The appliance must be cleaned after every use. If the vaporizer fails to operate please the "FUSE". Blow up of the fuse is indication that the vaporizer needs cleaning. A spare fuse is provided with the apparatus.


Inhalation of steam for allergy, sneezing and to relieve lungs congestion.
Inhalation for balm vapour for cold and cough.
Inhalation on Tinc, benzoin for Asthama according to Doctor's advice.
Treatment of infants and newborns simplified as shown in the illustration.
Humidifying room atmosphere specially at night in cold and dry weather.
Inhale steam for 5 minutes daily and see how light you feel when your lungs clear up pollution debris in bits os cough.



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